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Belownica kanałowa, prasa do odpadów Paal Konti 425 C

Specyfikacja techniczna

Siła nacisku:

100 ton

Rok produkcji: 1993
Nacisk jednostkowy: 121 ton/m² Ilość wiązań: 4 w pionie
Przekrój kanału: 750 x 1100  mm Wymiary zasypu: 1020 x 2000 mm
Waga beli: 525-700 Waga maszyny: ok 35 ton
Zasilanie: 400 V/ 55 kW / 100kW / 165 kW (1, 2, 3 silniki) Wiązanie: automatyczne drutem
Cena orientacyjna: ok. 59 000 EUR    

Teoretyczna wydajność 340 m3/h, Przepracowane 24917 godzin,

This machine is a used channel bale press exclusively used for paper, cardboard and foil. The press runs occasionally with one (55 kW) driving motor, two (110 kW) or with 3 motors of 165 kW. Alternatively, the third motor can be connected automatically as a power reserve according to requirements. The press power of 100 t is even possible in case that due to a minor electrical connection only one motor is running. By using this option the press velocity will be slightly reduced, only. Please see our video for better demonstration of the difference regarding press velocities with one respectively two running motors. The machine has been overhauled in our factory and may be visited according to prior agreement.

Following steps of overhauling have been passed:

  • Press derusted and lacquered new.
  • Motors and pumps dismantled, tank and pumps cleaned. Motors with covering plates sealed up new.
  • Motors verified, pumps cleaned.
  • Hydraulic oil tank drained and cleaned completely.
  • Heating rods for preheating of hydraulic oil verified and cleaned.
  • All air filters and oil filters renewed.
  • Indicator of tank filling level renewed.
  • All hydraulic hoses renewed.
  • Tying system unit overhauled, needle check rail nuts and nuts of wire drawing replaced, bearings renewed and unwinding unit overhauled.
  • 2 complete needles with bearings and guide rollers renewed, 2 needles overhauled.
  • Guide rollers for the upper wire replaced.
  • Wire guidance for the lower wire overhauled, guide rollers and bearings renewed.
  • The press bottom being in a good condition had been overhauled already. The  lateral press channel is in a good condition as well.
  • The counter blades being in a good condition had been overhauled already.
  • Upper guide rolls of press heading tool overhauled, bearings renewed. Lateral  guiding  rails adjusted new.
  • Wire deflection for the lower wire overhauled, rolls replaced.
  • Scraper for the upside of heading tool overhauled, plastic abrasive wear plates replaced.
  • Driving belt of upstream chipper verified, tension of belt adjusted.
  • Hydraulic power unit overhauled for run in and move out the upstream chipper.
  • Mounting of swivel-mounted ruffler overhauled, bearings renewed.
  • Circulating pump for hydraulic oil overhauled, seal (Simmering) replaced and its housing sealed up new.
  • Control panel overhauled, broken lamps and switches replaced.


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