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Rozdrabniacz ZENO ZTLL 1400 x 1600

Specyfikacja techniczna

Rok produkcji: 2010, renowacja w 2015 Moc: 45 kW
 Szerokość wału:  1385 mm Prędkość obrotowa wału:  ok 105 rpm.
Średnica wału: 380 mm Waga:
 5,4 t
Ilość noży: 52 szt Sterowanie   Siemens S7 300
Cena orientacyjna: ok. 49 500 EUR    

This ZENO waste disintegrator of type ZTLL is a single-shaft shredder equipped with hydraulic pusher for material feeding and with automated idle speed shutdown. A permanent throughput rate is reached by load-dependent infeed. This machine suitable for shredding of old growth, flake boards, fibre boards, paper, cardboard, plastics, rubber, composite materials, foam, waste etc. is provided with a rotor assembled with 52 units of concave reversible blades of 40 x 40 x 20 mm.

The machine has been rebuilt in 2015. Following steps of overhauling have been done indicating all parts having been overhauled, repaired or renewed:

1) Frame
a) Shredder dismantled completely to bottom frame, cleaned, derusted and lacquered new.
b) Lateral abrasions (washouts) at frame, in rotor circle area welded new and ground afterwards on both sides.
c) 3 units of counter blades rebuilt.
d) Lateral guiding rails for pusher, cleaned, deburred and rotated to 180°.
e) Pusher dismantled, derusted and laquered, 4 units of guiding rails renewed.

2) Rotor
a) 52 units of cutting plates of 40 x 40 x 20 mm including screws renewed.
b) 4 units of countersink blades of 49 x 49 x 30 mm including screws replaced.
c) 5 units of tool holder including scews renewed.
d) 2 units of floating bearing for rotor shaft replaced.
e) 1 unit of clamping set for rotor shaft renewed.
f) 2 units of cover ring for rotor replaced.
g) Pipe assembled and aligned, blade gap adjusted.

3) Hydraulic system
a) Hydraulic system dismantled, oil drained off, tank cleaned, oil filter renewed and filled with new hydraulic oil.
b) Hydraulic cylinders for pusher dismantled, cleaned and laquered new after being equipped with new seal kits.
c) All hydraulic hoses and pipes replaced.

4) Gear
a) Bearing clearance checked, simmerring verified for impermeability, belt pulley checked for damages, housing cleaned, oil drained off and washed with new gear oil, filled new and lacquered.

5) Driving motor
a) Internal resistance measured, bearing clearance checked, belt pulley checked for damages, housing cleaned and lacquered new.
b) 4 units of toothed drive belt for main motor renewed and tightened.

The shredder has been placed into operation and tested after having been overhauled at our working hall.

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